Feathered Horse Classic, Jacksonville Florida 2016

Youth Halter: 4th place

Amateur Color: 5th place

Youth Showmanship: 3rd place

Liberty 6 and up: 3rd place

Youth Favorite gait: 4th place

Youth Western Pleasure: 3rd place

Please Note:  All credit for China's show record and her five star evaluations with the GVHS goes to her previous owner, Darcy and Ken Halliwill.  Since Storm Gypsy Vanners assumed ownership of China, she has not been in the show ring due to her pregnancy.  Once the 2017 foal is born, China will once again enter the show ring.  Most photos that you see on our website of China are from her previous owner. 

​Feathered Horse Classic, Perry GA 2015

Grooming and Conditioning:  3rd place

Mares 4 yrs and older:  5th place

Youth Halter: 2nd place

Youth Showmanship: 4th place

Youth Costume: 2nd place

Liberty 6yrs and up: 3rd place

Youth Favorite Gait:  5th place

Green Horse Western WJ: 5th place

Youth Western Pleasure: 5th place

China's Show Record

Feathered Horse Classic, Williamson NC 2015

Mares 4 and up: 2nd place

Youth mares: 3rd place

Color Solid or Blagdon: 3rd place

Youth Color: 2nd place

Youth Showmanship: 6th place

Evaluated with the GVHS:  Five Star Mare