Feathered Horse Classic, July 2015
Mares 2 years old: 2nd place
Youth Showmanship: 4th place
Liberty 2 to 5 years old: ​5th place
Feathered Horse Classic, May 2015
Mares 2 yrs Old:  4th place
Amateur Mares all ages:  2nd place
Youth Halter:  6th Place
Youth Showmanship:  6th place
Amateur Showmanship:  1st place
Open Showmanship:  6th place
Youth Color Class:  5th place
Amateur Color Class:  4th place
Dressage Suitability In Hand: 6th place
Ground Obstacles Open:  6th place
Amateur Ground Obstacles:  2nd place
Youth Ground Obstacles:  3rd place
Liberty 2 to 5 yr olds:  ​6th place
Feathered Horse Classic, January 2015
Youth Color Pattern:  6th place
Ground Obstacles in hand Jr horse:  ​6th place
2014 National Championship
Yearling Fillies:  6th place
Liberty all ages:  ​6th place
Feathered Horse Classic, October 2014
Gypsy Yearling Fillies:  6th place
Gypsy Costume in-hand:  5th place

Feathered Horse Classic, July 2014

Gypsy Yearling Filly:  5th place
Gypsy Color Amateur:  6th place
Youth Showmanship:  5th place
Amateur Showmanship:  6th place
Ground Obstacles in-hand Jr horse:  6th place

Westmoreland Hail Storm

Horse Show Results
Feathered Horse Classic, May 2014
Gypsy Yearling Filly:  4th place
Amateur Gypsy Mare all ages:  2nd place
Gypsy Color Amateur:  6th place
Gypsy Amateur Showmanship:  3rd place
Showmanship Open:  6th place
Gypsy Liberty less than 4:  4th place
Gypsy Costume in-hand:  3rd place