Storm Gypsy Vanners recently stepped into the breeding portion of the industry.  Very careful consideration is given to every match.  First and foremost, we breed for conformation and movement.  We will be only breeding a handful of mares every year.    

We breed to keep but do understand that we should open up our bloodlines to the public.  We will never have a flash sale and our foals will remain with us and join our show team until sold.  Our prices do reflect the quality of the foal.  We will not list the sale price until the foal is weaned at 6 months of age and all test (PSSM, FIR, DNA, and color pattern/factor), registration and evaluations (if available) has been completed on the foal.  We will list our matches for the year but will not sell in utero.

We do wish for the new owners of the foal to come to our ranch and meet the foal.  Although this is not a requirement, we strongly advise this.   

​2017 foal by The Kings Rendition and China

Price: Not for sale

This is the first foal bred by us.  We expect nothing less than perfection with this combination.  The foal will be carrying some of the best bloodlines such as The Gypsy King, Latcho Drom, Lion King, Gypsy Golds Rose and Bob the Blagdon all on the papers!  The sire of this foal is moving up the ranks in the Dressage profession and also has the "Look at me" attitude.  China, herself, has produced stellar foals and she passes on her best traits to the foal.  This foal is going to take the show circuit by storm. 

​On April 19th, China had a healthy colt.  Regretfully, we lost China on the 25th of April of foaling complications.